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Warning – Scam Phone Calls Claiming to be the IRS

Have you received a threatening phone call IRS Phone Scamsclaiming to be the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service has repeated its warning about phone scams demanding payment from taxpayers.  The scammers threaten taxpayers with arrest warrants and demand immediate payment. A friend of mine recently received one of these calls. The caller claimed to have an arrest warrant for my friend and threatened to send the warrant to his local police station if he didn’t call back.

Listen to the voicemail

Don’t be Fooled

Don’t be fooled if you receive one of these phone calls.

The IRS will never contact a taxpayer for the first time via a phone call. All official correspondence regarding unpaid taxes are sent from the IRS via the mail.

The IRS never asks for credit card, debit card, or information for other payment methods over the phone or via email.

Please see the IRS website for more details and warnings regarding phone scams and other scams claiming to be from the IRS.

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