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Additional IRS Coronavirus Relief Measures

Coronavirus Update: What Taxpayers Should Know

About McMahon & Tivnan

When you need heart surgery, you want a heart surgeon, not your primary care physician. When the IRS comes knocking at your door, you want experienced tax counsel.

McMahon & Tivnan exclusively handles IRS tax disputes. It the IRS is coming after you for an audit, an undeclared foreign bank account or trying to seize your property, you need a tax specialist who knows the IRS inside and out.

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IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS currently has two categories of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP): the regular OVDP program, which will accept any taxpayer not already under investigation, and the easier and less expansive streamlined OVDP program, which is simpler and quicker.

The penalties and qualifying requirements vary greatly between the programs and it is imperative that you select the right one as you only get one shot at applying. Failure to select the right program would result in criminal charges or large civil penalties.

The tax law firm of McMahon & Tivnan has helped hundreds of taxpayers through the process.

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IRS Tax Audit

If you are facing an IRS audit with complicated tax issues, you need an attorney with experience with the IRS Appeals and Tax Court procedures. What many people do not understand is that the exam is only the first step in that process. Most complicated tax issues get resolved in IRS Appeals or in Tax Court.

Our senior staff have spent decades working for the IRS and we know the process inside and out. Each year the tax law firm of McMahon & Tivnan represents hundreds of taxpayers in disputes with the IRS.

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IRS Collection Dispute

Anyone involved in an IRS collection dispute understands how worrisome, disruptive and embarrassing a tax levy or lien can be. The numerous defenses and relief procedures available in tax collection disputes are as complex as any section of the Internal Revenue Code.

The tax law firm of McMahon & Tivnan understands IRS collection disputes because all of our senior staff have worked for the IRS and we exclusively handle tax disputes. If you are facing a tax collection dispute, your attorney should know at least as much about tax collections rules as the IRS.

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Complex Business Tax Disputes

Businesses must contend with a multitude of tax issues, any of which can create large problems for the business and its owners. The complexities of business accounting and the tax code often produce tax disputes without a clear answer.

One of the most surprising issues we frequently see affecting small and medium sized businesses is personal liability of the managing individuals for unpaid payroll taxes. Although operating a business through an entity is supposed to protect the owners from individual liability for business debts, many people do not realize there is an exception through which the IRS can take your house and bank account for unpaid business taxes.

The tax law firm of McMahon & Tivnan exclusively handles tax disputes. Our senior staff has spent decades working for the IRS and we know the process inside and out.

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