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New IRS Fast Track Mediation Collection Program

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has created a new fast track medication program to resolve some offer-in-compromise (OIC) and trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP) disputes. The expedited process, SB/SE Fast Track Mediation–Collection (FTMC), will be heard by an Office of Appeals mediator.

FTMC allows taxpayers in Collection an early and expedited opportunity to resolve their case. It will replace the fast track mediation (FTM) program. FTMC is optional.

Fast Track Settlement (FTS) is still an option for taxpayers in Examination.

Taxpayers should be aware that the Appeals mediator in FTMC does not have settlement authority and cannot render a decision regarding any issue in dispute. If you have a complicated tax issue, you should consult an experienced tax attorney who knows the IRS regulations and procedures and can help you achieve the best outcome.

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